Pet Home Relocation

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Why choose Express Mail Service Worldto relocate your pet?

We work alongside a comprehensive network of pet relocation providers to ensure your pet is given the moving treatment they deserve. For us, guaranteeing the protection of your pet is one of the most essential aspects of a successful move. Our pet shipping experts take care of every step, to make certain your two, four, six or even eight-legged friend is transported with the utmost care and consideration.
Making pet relocation as stress free as possible is something we do with confidence. Choose Globalwest Logistics, the moving company helping you get your pet from home, to new home and beyond. If you require any information about our international pet and animal relocation services, contact our friendly team.

What's included in our pet moves?

Pre-trip documentation, including import permit application and transit paperwork.chevron_right
Arrangement of appropriate pet passports if required.
Destination import arrangements, including customs clearance.
Door-to-door transport. Your pet may need to visit a local kennel and vet, before travelling to the airport and quarantine location (if required), before reaching your new home.
Determining the best travel schedule, based on airline carrier routes and restrictions.
Updates on your pet’s condition and status during transit for your peace of mind.
24-hour customer service support.